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Ask Us Anything!

Can I still join if I haven't played since school?

Yes – we have lots of girls who haven’t played since school. The social teams provides a relaxed way to get back into netball and through focused training sessions you will soon be up to speed. Please see the Membership page for more details.

If I can't make match/training every Monday, can I still join?

Yes – we encourage you to come as often as possible to make the most of your membership, but also appreciate that life can be busy and committing to attending every Monday is not always achievable. We offer a full social calendar with a variety of events, taking place on different days and hope you can make as many as possible.

What is the difference between the social and the competitive teams?

The competitive teams are for individuals more comfortable with a fast paced game. The social teams are for those who may be a little rusty but keen to take part in a competitive game. Please get in touch with team captains for more information. Their details are outlined on the Meet the Committee tab.

What do I have to wear?

Normal sportswear. If you join, you will be provided with an LNC sports top. We also have match dresses for tournaments. Please check nails before matches and no jewellery can be worn.

Do you have a trial membership?

We do not currently have a trial membership. More details regarding membership is available on the Join LNC page of this website which can be found here

How much does it cost?

  • Our Annual membership fee is £35. Please see our Membership page for details on what this includes which ca be found here

  • Pay to Play is £30 per person, per 12 week netball league season.  We would encourage you only to sign up to a season if you are able to commit to keeping your mondays free during the season


What does the LNC membership fee include?

Your membership fee covers an LNC Training Top, focused fitness and training sessions, a full social calendar of events including our monthly fitness fun sessions and much more.

How do I become a sponsor?

Please see our Sponsorship page of this website and get in contact with Sharmaine, LNC Club Captain 

I have a general question, who do I ask?

Please get in contact with our Club Captain Sharmaine, whose details are outlined on the 'Meet the Committee' page which can be found here

Do you have a mixed team?

We have recently attempted to launch our first mixed team however, could not get enough male demand. If you are interested in playing mixed netball please contact

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