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Tracey Neville: My motto is 'eat, breathe, sleep netball' - my mattress even has an England

hen Tracey Neville describes her motto as “eat, breathe, sleep netball” she is not exaggerating. Cackling with laughter, the England Vitality Roses head coach explains there is a mattress with the team badge printed on it, a gift awarded to all gold medallists at the Commonwealth Games, on its way to her home: “The funny thing is, I haven’t quite told my other half.”

Jokes aside, Neville does not seem the type who finds it easy to switch off. Despite insisting that she found time to celebrate after her England team’s historic gold against Australia at the Commonwealth Games in April, you find it difficult to believe her, given she was back to work a day later. “It was like a brain dump,” she says. “I was proper trying to get everything out of my head to make us better.”

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